OK – it didn’t look like this when I started, but there were some bits that needed attention. I had driven the car for three years knowing that I would go all out and have it re-sprayed at some point, so it never seemed worth doing just a bit here and a bit there. So, I decided to bite the bullet…….

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I’d decided to get new screens fitted. The front screen was annoying me. Although it was OK, it was 20 years old and very pitted – so was awful to see through in heavy rain even with new wiper blades. While we were at it, I opted to replace the rear screen too – and have the rear wiper delete modification.

Of course – this means taking the glass out, so we may as well address the tiny rust blisters around the scuttle….. and this in turn means I need to get this area re-painted.

If I’m re-painting this area, it makes sense to do the full car – right?

So – in June 2016 I took the car along to Ninemeister in Warrington and asked for an opinion. The brief was simple:

Remove all glass, Doors, Wings, Mirrors, Handles, Engine Lid & Bonnet – repair any bodywork issues, take the paintwork back to bare metal and do a full re-spray.

We had a walk round the car, and pointed out the most obvious parts that needed attention:

  • Front Scuttle: Rust bubbles at drivers side which needs remediation work.
  • Front Screen: Fit a new one (20 years of pebbledashing will never look good after the re-spray!)
  • Front Wings: Small blisters above the passenger side headlight.
  • Drivers Door: Check strap on ‘A’ Post needs repairing.
  • Passenger Rear Wing: Rust spot caused by stone chip at lower edge which needs attention.
  • Sunroof: Remove the sunroof, replace the seals and check the drains while it is out.
  • Rear Screen: Fit new screen and delete the rear wiper.
  • Seats: Seat ‘Hardback’s’ are a little scuffed and require restoration. Re-spray in Porsche Black with metal-flake as per original.
The estimate made my eyes water – but I keep saying “It’ll be worth it in the end!”

New parts required:
Paint – plenty of it…
Bonnet badge gasket and fixings
Pair of amber side repeaters
Front scuttle to wing seal – O/S & N/S
Front Screen
Front screen seal
Front screen sealing trim
Mirror gasket – O/S & N/S
Pair of mirror screw caps
Door handle gaskets – O/S & N/S
Pair of door handle key caps
Door seal – O/S & N/S
Door arrester (check strap) – O/S
Door membranes – X 2
‘A’ Post section – O/S
Door sill cover – O/S & N/S
Sunroof seal
Sunroof drain tube – Front O/S
Rear quarter light seal – O/S & N/S
Rear Screen
Rear screen seal
Rear screen sealing trim
Pair of rear stone guards (Clear)
Rear bumper to wing seal – O/S & N/S
New number plates
Loads of new nuts, bolts, screws and washers…

September 2016

A few pictures during the strip down process. At this point the repairs were also carried out:
Front scuttle rust bubbles. This wasn’t bad at all, but we took the opportunity to take it right back to bare metal, etch prime and finish properly. All around the front, rear and side quarter windows are now in perfect condition.

Drivers ‘A’ post. The whole ‘A’ post was cut out, and a new section welded in complete with a new ‘arrester’ strap.
Apparently, a common mistake that some do is to repair the pillar, but re-fit or weld up the original strap. This causes further issues as the strap will stretch over time and cause the door top to meet the inner wing! Always replace the strap too.

October 2016

A couple of pictures from the stage where the car was right back to bare metal:
By going back to bare metal we were able to identify any areas that had micro-blisters, or previous minor repairs and address the finish. We will also end up with a uniform finish with an even depth of paint.

It does look pretty cool with nothing but the galvanisation!

November 2016

Here is the car after a couple of coats of primer. We’ll let this fully harden for a couple of months before starting the top coats of Porsche L92M (Polar Silver Metallic).

January 2017

The seat backs are in the paint shop. This was a quick job, and it made sense doing it while the car was waiting for paint. A sneak preview of paint going on the shell too….

March 2017

Paint is on the car, wings are fitted and all the new glass has now been fitted. Every nut, bolt, screw and washer used in the re-assembly will be new, and we will also fit new door membranes and replace one of the wheel arch liners as this was cracked.
Note the lack of a rear wiper – a lot neater……

Re-assembly 17

In good company during the rebuild (top right) – a 964 Cab, a 964 C2, another Polar 993 & just a hint of an orange and black Jägermeister 935 race car re-creation……

Re-assembly 08

It’s difficult to see on some of the pictures, but rather than using the colour coded ‘Stone Guards’ – I decided to go with a clear guard. It is a lot clearer on this picture, and I think you’ll agree that clear is the way to go as you can hardly see it!

Stone Guard

April 2017

The car is finished, and sat in the Ninemeister showroom just waiting for collection.

The finish on the car is 1st class, and the attention to detail on the assembly is 2nd to none. The paint will now be allowed to harden for a further couple of months before it is treated to a thorough seal and polish.


Badge 2