A random gallery of pictures while out and about in the ‘993 over the years…

May 2018 and we had a long weekend in the Lakes. The weather was fantastic (for a change), and we got to drive some good roads.

On the last day we stopped off at the ‘Cumbria International Car Show’ and parked up in the PCGB area for a few hours.

February 2018 and it’s the first time this year that I can get the car out when we don’t have rain or snow with salty roads at a weekend.

I took a long drive through some nice little villages before going to a nice restaurant for lunch.

November 2017 and we had a few days in the Lakes stopping at the Gilpin Hotel. I would have liked to get more pictures, but it seemed that every time we stopped the car it was absolutely throwing it down with rain or sleet – and I wasn’t going to get out of the car for that!

Here’s just a couple of shots of a dirty car after a full day blasting round Windermere – before the snow came in…..

I don’t tend to use the car for work that often, as being stuck in traffic on the M6 for ages is no fun. However, I had to be in work early, and knew I was also leaving early today so thought with the weather being nice – I’d take the car out (Oct. 2017)

Here’s a couple of pictures I took at dawn. It’s amazing what difference a bit of lighting makes, so I’m going to have to learn more about low light photography and buy some decent flash lights. Just a shame I didn’t have the SLR, and had to take these pictures with a Samsung S7…….

Here’s some pictures from the Gold Cup event at Oulton Park in August 2017, in the PCGB display area. I really enjoy this meeting, and the weather was great again this year.

Back at the Phantom Winger for the August 2017 ‘Cars & Coffee’ supercar Sunday…….

August 17

Here’s a few pictures from our trip to the Silverstone Classics with PCGB (July 2017) – and I also tested a new 991 GTS at the Porsche Experience centre, getting a bit of track day training from one of the Porsche race instructors. What a car that was!

Can you spot our car in this lot?

Classics 10

Some pictures from the ‘Fast Car Festival’ at Donnington (July 2017) – where the “911uk.com” forum had a display area. A majority of the cars that managed the 8:30 am start were later 996 & 997’s – but we still managed a reasonable turnout of Air Cooled classics. Mine was one of four 993’s……

At the Cars ‘n’ coffee breakfast meeting in Preston (June 2017). There’s always a good selection of Porsche here, along with loads of other super cars (Ferrari, Mclaren, Lamborghini, Aston Martin etc.)

A couple of pictures from the hotel balcony before going to the ‘Cumbria international car show’ (May 2017). After 3 days of rain, at least the day was dry for the show!

While on a weekend break in the Lake District (Ambleside) staying at Rothay Manor (May 2017)

 …..a gentle reminder not to park under a tree when there are strong winds!
  Lakes 07

At the Phantom Winger – the Preston Supercar breakfast meetings take place every month (May 2016)

On a day out in the Lake District…..

Parked up at Oulton Park…..