These are all the options fitted to this car. There are full lists available on many internet sites that list all available otions

Factory fitted options

C16 UK model
X61 Turbo S front spoiler [993.505.980.00 & 993.505.981.00]
X62 Turbo S aero kit rear spoiler [993.512.980.00]
M030 Sports Suspension group
M233 Tyre selection – Pirelli
M249 Tiptronic S
M373 Sports seat Left -electronic adjustment (Hardback)
M374 Sports seat Right -electronic adjustment (Hardback)
M398 17″ wheels (996)
996.362.124.02 [Fronts – 7J X 17″ (ET 50) – 205/50 X 17″]
996.362.128.02 [Rears – 9J X 17″ (ET 55) – 255/40 X 17″]
M425 Rear wiper
M432 4 spoke 363 mm sports leather steering wheel
M432 Steering wheel with Tiptronic paddles
M445 Silver wheel trim with coloured crest
M490 Hi-Fi sound system – Nokia digital decoder
M567 Windscreen – gradual green top tint
M573 Air conditioning
M602 High level 3rd brake light
M650 Sunroof
M659 Front foglights
M659 OBC (On Board Computer)
M680 Digital sound package

Additional options fitted at dealer pre-delivery as part of 09991 Exclusive Programme

X61 Exclusive front spoiler add-on parts [993.505.980.00 & 993.505.981.00]
X62 Exclusive Rear Wing [993.512.980.00]
XF6 Leather Gear Box Tunnel
XF7 Leather Covered Tray Located behind parking brake
XN2 Leather Inside Door Handles

Standard options fitted as part of 09981 package

M020 Speedometer with two scales mph-km/h
M061 Version for Great Britain
M130 Control and indications in English lettering
M197 Stronger battery
M288 Headlamp washer
M335 Automatic seat belt, 3-point, rear
M441 Radio preparation
M534 Theft security system
M544 Tank of 75 litres
M562 Airbag, driver’s side and front passenger’s side
M566 Front fog lights
M605 Headlight levelling system
M651 Electric window opener
M657 Power assisted steering
M685 Rear seats, split
M981 Leather equipment

Wheels & Tyres

Although the correct wheel for the car is the ‘Cup 2’ – this car came fitted with the current wheels, which are 17″ – 996 parts:
996.362.124.02 [Fronts – 7J X 17″ (ET 50) – 205/50 X 17″] – 8.2 Kg
996.362.128.02 [Rears – 9J X 17″ (ET 55) – 255/40 X 17″] – 9.5 Kg

These are in fact the lightest 17″ wheel available for the ‘993



What’s in the box of bits now?

  • Original standard engine lid
  • Rear wiper arm
  • Rear wiper motor
  • Original Sony head unit
  • Original Sony 10 disk CD changer
  • Original 4-spoke steering wheel with shift buttons
  • 3-spoke 996 steering wheel with shift buttons
  • A pair of ‘clear’ front indicator lenses.