May 2017

Having the annual service at Performance Porsche

April 2017

A few moody shots at dusk trying some different filters…..

June 2016

Cleaned and tucked away in the garage before I disappear away on holiday again….

April 2016

The interior. I sent the car to ‘Leather-Care Renovations’ in Warrington to have the interior rejuvenated – 20 year old leather becomes very shiny!

I also decided to re-colour parts. Note how the dash top, door caps and top of rear shelf are all now black? This really breaks the colours up nicely, and also removes a lot of glare on the screen from the old shiny green dash.

November 2015

A small drip from the cam covers was so annoying, and made a mess of the block paving! Here we did a few jobs at the same time. I took the opportunity to do the cat by-pass modification, and while the boxes were off – checked the rear chassis legs for corrosion. No problems there fortunately…..

September 2015

The garage was full – tucked away under cover for another holiday

April 2015

I took the car in to an air-con specialist for a re-gas – I was in some good company by the look of the RS/Ruf re-creation in the background……


June 2014

It won’t be long now before it’s a worthless piece of junk – LOL


February 2014

Unwashed – and just lurking on the driveway…..

September 2013

These are the advert pictures from when I bought the car:

…..and the interior:

August 2013

Here are the cars that had to go to make way for the ‘993: