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My Porsche 993 Carrera Coupe

My 1996 Porsche 911 – type 993 Carrera Coupe (P619 HKC)

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Use the links above to look at the ‘History’ of this car – registration details, owners, dates, servicing, MOT’s etc. You will also find a list of factory options fitted to this car
In the ‘Technical Data’ area, I’ve provided details specific to this model type, and then also gone on to provide more details for things like VarioRAM, build numbers, the Tiptronic S system etc.
Look at the ‘Gallery’ pages to see images of this car through my ownership, out and about, in the garage – any time really!
The ‘Restoration’ pages detail the work done when I decided to get the car re-sprayed.
The ‘Mods & Upgrades’ page is my ownership blog. Anything goes on this page
The ‘Living with a 993’ pages give you an idea about ownership costs
Have a look at ‘Out & About in the 993’ for pictures from our road-trips


Follow the story of how we brought the car back to life.
What started out as just a quick question about a pitted windscreen turned into a lot more work.
Talk about mission creep? Well, as they say – while your’e in there!

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Living with a 993

What’s it like to live with a 993?
Can you really drive one every day to commute to work, and then enjoy it the weekends too?
How much do they cost to run?
Are they reliable?

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Out and about in the 993

A gallery of pictures from some of the road trips in the 993

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